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Sun wheel for packing workshop

Sun wheel for packing workshop

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Specializing in the production of Sun gear,

Imported synthetic rubber urethane polymer has high abrasion resistance, good resilience, no damage to paper etc., it is widely used in printing industry and waveboard production line.

Sun gear size:

Outside diameter 337 * Internal diameter 218 * Height 70mm

Outside diameter 330 * Internal diameter 220 * Height 70mm

Outside diameter 170 * Inside diameter 65 * Height 70mm

Outside diameter 165 * diameter 65 * height 50mm

External diameter 160 * inner diameter 110 * a height 108mm

Outside diameter 125 * Inside diameter 70 * Height 55mm External diameter 102 * Internal diameter 52 * Height 45mm External diameter 100 * Internal diameter 38/45 * 45mm height According to the drawings of the customer or according to the specifications of the form given to provide the type of solar wheel products with different diameters and sizes.

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