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Distribution of PET film

Authour: Admin | Date: 31-01-2018

Detailed information on PET film distribution

Huynh De Co., Ltd is a reputable and high quality PET film production unit, along with modern, high-quality European production line, making our company's production unit. I am the place where you can trust to buy our company products.

Advantages of products carrying pet plastic

Hardness, high toughness

The ability to withstand high temperatures, does not harm human health

When burning, it does not cause toxic toxic gases

Manufactured on modern and quality lines, our products are free of ripples, wrinkles and high transparency.

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Phan phoi mang nhua pet

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PET plastic film products are also applied to other business items such as:

Making materials for textile industry

Use to print the patterned surface on the glass

Can be used as an insulator

In medicine, it is used to make x-ray film

The company produces PET films nationwide

Currently, there are many distributors of this type of product. However, most of them are intermediaries, so the price is often high. However, the Brother Group is a unit that directly manufactures and distributes plastic in PET. Therefore, our selling price is cheaper than other agents or companies. If you want to buy, please contact us immediately with the following information:


Specialized in manufacturing: PET film, APET, PVC

Usage: Window film box, printed film, plastic, plastic box

Printing supplies: Print slats 、 Plastic slats nhôm Aluminum slats 、 PFT cellophane sợi Fiber adhesive tape hai Double-sided tape 、 Printing blue felt 、 Sun wheels 、 Paper rolls, etc.

Packaging material: Lanyard co Shrink film trong Clear tape, etc.

Phone: 02256507055/02256507056 /0386506673 /0708140460

Contact: Mr Li

Address: No. 1041 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street - Dong Hai Ward - Hai An District - Hai Phong City


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Huynh De Joint Venture Co., Ltd is the largest PET film making and distributing company in Hai Phong. With a large and modern factory system, we can satisfy our customers with the quantity and quality of our products.

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Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE, PETP or PET-P) is a thermoplastic, polyester resin used in synthetic yarns, beverages, food and liquid containers, ...

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Distribution of PET film

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